Pennsylvania Billboard Landlords Have Options 

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Published: 17th November 2010
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John Kluge and Arturo Moreno, owners of Fortune 400 companies have made billions through the billboard advertising industry. What is the billboard advertising industry you ask. These are basically big signs that one sees while driving through big cities or down highways. The signs that tell you where to stop for a bite to eat or a place to spend the night. The same signs that keep you informed and up to date on promotions, sales and upcoming events.

While the large billboard companies are making handsome profits from the sale of outdoor advertising space, so are hundreds of thousands of property owners also known as billboard landlords. Most billboard locations throughout Pennsylvania are leased from property owners. Billboard companies sign a long term land lease to use a small portion of the property for the erection and display of a billboard sign. The billboard company is responsible for the construction and maintainance of the advertising sign as well as the associated costs. The property owner or billboard landlord receives an annual billboard land lease check.

Instead of waiting for your annual billboard land lease checks you can sell your billboard lease and receive a cash lump sum payment. Some billboard lease agreements make it possible for the sign company to terminate the billboard lease with 30 days notice. Taking a lump sum payment now guarantees your payment amount and removes your risk of future payments being terminated. There are also tax benefits to be gained by taking a lump sum cash payment instead of annual payments. 

A cash lump sum payment could be used to pay off your debts, paying for your children’s college tuition, buying a new home or even investing in another property. Many advantages exist to receiving your lease payments as a lump sum cash payment. Most Pennsylvania billboard landlords are not aware this option exists for them.  

If you own property containing an active billboard lease in Pennsylvania you now have another choice before you. The procedure for getting lump sum cash payment for selling your active billboard lease is very simple. All you have to do is to contact a lease purchaser for a quote. They most likely will request a copy of your present lease. After this they will evaluate your property and prepare an offer for you. If you find it acceptable they will then conduct a title search on the property to ensure there are no other claims on the property. Once they have the green light, you can execute the easement agreement with the purchaser to sell your active billboard lease to them. 

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